!Attention! – The sheet is now available for Windows as well. The arks will look slightly different, do you not wish the changes? – Simply download the Mac Version and upload it to www.icloud.com as described below.

Risk, Management & Portfolio

How to use the RMP sheet.
Watch the video before download.


How to get the Mac version on Windows.

Alternative for Windows, if you do not like the changes of the sheet; is that you download the Mac Version and then you go to. www.icloud.com you will then login with your Apple ID (the ID you use to download on the App Store) when you login, you will see ”Numbers”  you can then upload the sheet to the iCloud, where you’ll be able to use the ”Numbers” clouds version, even though you are on a Windows computer.

This way, you will always be able to look at your RMP, no matter where you are. This is actually advisable for even Mac users. Simply upload it to iCloud. And then edit in the browser. Much easier to carry around.

If you dont wish to run it on the browser when on a Windows, but simply wish to run it by Excel. You can download it now.

– Falcon

How to upload to iCloud.


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