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Getting Started

First of all. Welcome!

This is the ”Getting Started” page

We are going to teach you as much as possible on this site
And should you have questions afterwards, feel free to ask us!

You will need to have an active membership. The membership can be purchased for 97 dollars.

You will be billed biweekly. Until canceled.
Should you have questions afterwards, feel free to ask us!

The session stream is not found on this website.
You will have to login, in order to acces the stream.
Your login details are the same as the details you registered with.

Session Page

When you’re at the streaming page, your name has to be filled in,
please keep out your lastname

*The Session is password protected. In your member area,
you can see the password for the session

The session room is open from 09:00 am EDT.
Master Trader will go live 09:30 AM – 11:30 AM EDT. Mon – Fri

You will therefore be able to trade 30 minutes before the session.
For trial members, the session will begin 09:30 EDT – 11:30 EDT

The stream platform does not offer sound.
You will have to go to the front page of this site to access sound.
At the front page, you will look for this

You will have to click on that, and enter the room password.
Then you will have sound

It is now advisable to go and watch
The 4 steps. And then come back afterwards

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

You’ve made it so far. That is good.

Now, we need to talk a bit about your questions, because i’m sure you have a lot of them.

I have made this page as user-minded as possible, I went to the members of the room and asked them what they felt, they needed when they joined for the first time, and the results of that has now been made onto this website.

You will have a million questions when you join the room, for the first time. And dont feel alone, it is completely normal. Every newbie has questions. But you will find yourself able to answer some of your questions that you might be having if you just wait a few days before asking them.

A good rule we have is:  Wait 3 days, just participate in the room and listen to me and the members. And on the 4th day, ask all you want. We have found this the best way. Simply because we can’t let the entire session be about one person, so this way you may answer some of your own questions.

*remeber to write down your questions, so you either can remember them or figured out the solution yourself.

Spamming of the sound.

In the room, we have very few members that ask every single day why they dont have sound.
Don’t be one them, you should by now already know where to get sound and you should know that sound is not streamed from the session itself.

Of course it’s all right to ask for sound link. But please try to remember, write it down, save it as a bookmark, so the members of the room including myself, can be free for posting this every single day many times a day. Thank you.

*The sound link is on the front page, at the top. You will need the room password to stream sound.
*Password can be found on the member page

I’m not going to tell you what strategies for you to use. We have 8 different and its up to you to make use of them. But it is advisable to fully master the Kiss strategy and the Jasfran Kiss, otherwise you are good to go. Get to find your inner trader, let that person loose and see what you like yourself.

You need to remember that this is not a race, this is a long term business. There are no shortcuts, you need to learn, and that takes time. – Some people learn it all in 1 week, some takes a few months.

How fast you learn is up to you!

But always have this in your mind

”We have people who has never traded in their lifes, people who are older than you and me, and they are killing it. Some of our members are making 10.000 dollars a day. You can do it too”

Just remember that! And you will be fine

Find yourself and hold on to that person.

Wether you’re a Binary Options Trader or a Forex Trader, you need to hold on to that person.
Depending on your learning skills and trading knowledge it is not advisable for a newbie to embrace both at once. Master one craft and move on to the next if you like.

You will notice that many people are trading Forex in the room.
You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.

Forex can be an easier way of making big bucks, but Binary Options may suite you because it’s easier to get started with low capital than Forex is.

Find out what you like. If it’s both things, do both… But trading both as newbie at the same time we do not recommend that, but its up to you.


Remember, you can always find help in the room, by members or me. Keep in mind that other people are here for the same reasons as you, to make money.. it is therefore in everyones interest that you ask me for guidance.

If you have a question regarding a members trading style etc, feel free to ask them, of course. But lately I have noticed how some of the pros gets filled with questions all the time. Thye’re polite they don’t want to tell you to stop. They simply reply, but please try to keep the big questions away from these guys. If you ask me a question and they reply its a whole another thing.


I’m telling you this, for you to understand the community

Demo, demo and demo some more.
Did I forget to mention demo? you have to demo, Demo demo demo.

I’m telling you this as I also said ”It’s not a race” because it’s not. You have to demo, you have to test the strategies, no matter if you’re an experienced trader, coming to our site and use our strategies will require you to be patient and demo.

You will also notice this, in the testimonials, people that have made it, will tell you to demo too.

Some people demo a month, some people demo more. Some of our pro’s still demo here and there to this day.

Demo Style

What way you like to demo is up to you. Some people are treating their demo accounts as if thy were real. This way they gain full control from day one. Other people may place a lot of trades because this way can be good for you too. In many cases when you make a bad trade you learn about what you did wrong.. You may not make many mistakes if you only place a few trades while treating it as a real account.. So if you like, try to do both. But overall at the end, your demo account should be in profit, otherwise you are not ready to go real.


You should by now, know a lot of things, but still there is a lot to learn. Be patient and believe in yourself!


Let’s talk a bit about the features on this website: So we have the Front Page, which is where sound is located and the Newest results of the session. You will also find Testimonials, strategies, FAQ and Step 1 – Step 4. So to say; Front Page is like a shortcuts, to the important stuff.


Besides that, we also have the Strategy page, which is for you who want to go back and read the strategies, without having to go to the front page and then scroll down and so on. – Remember to read our strategies carefully, and its okay if you don’t understand all the strategies right away, give it some time, don’t panic!


Otherwise we got ”Charts” Which is where the Daily, weekly and monthly charts will be updated throughout the trading day. These long term charts can be good for you to build your story. If you have questions regarding this, ask the members in the room, they’ll be happy to help you.


You will also be able to see a library of the past results in the menu. This can be pure motivation for you to see what people have scored but it can also be a summary of what happened that day. Master Trader will be explaining that in every video. Nothing is left out.


We also have a menu option called ”Interviews” This is also a library of videos, but these videos is about strategies that some of our Pro members have explained live during a session, we will aim to try and keep a interview every friday.


And last but not least we have ”My Tools” Which is a very powerfull page. On this page you’ll be able to see the Economic Calendar, Earning, Currency converter, Technical summary, Pip value and more.

You will also have access to all our useful documents; such as Mindset and Sizes,
Currency Pairs and EFT Tapping is also available as well.

As you can see we have a lot of features on this website.

Some of our rules:
*Can be updated*

Like mentioned above, we do not want people to show last names.

We also do not allow people to have a contact outside the room. Which therefore means; emails and phonenumbers are not allowed to share. We simply don’t want this because of the fact that you may be able to share member plans etc. And that is not allowed.

You cannot post links such as affiliate links, youtube, brokers etc. If you have something you want to show us, you need to post it to me first, and I’ll review it. *you can ask me questions in the session room in the upper left*

Every friday if possible; one of our successful members will join me over skype, and we will talk about strategies. This is a live event that happens during the end of friday session. It will be recorded and can be found on this website. Here

We also offer some different tools that can come in handy for your trading, such as earnings, economic calendar and pip calculator. This can be found here


At last I want to share with you some documents that you may find very useful.

PC Clean
Compound (download content)
Forex Atlas (download content)
10 Pips (download content)

Should you have any questions feel free to contact us!