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How to Develop a Mindset of Success

As a trader, your MINDSET is by far the biggest key to your success or failure. All the trading “strategies” in the world won’t help you if you have a poor mindset.

Your mindset is how you see the world, including both your conscious and your subconscious mind. Mindset is developed early on in childhood from thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams, and ideals; many of which are passed down to you from your parents and family.

Now, you may say, “I have a great mindset – I’m a very positive person!” and that may be true, but it’s a little more complicated than that. You see, it’s actually your SUBCONSCIOUS mind that interacts with the universe and drives your behaviour, not your conscious mind – which is why habits are so hard to break. If your conscious mind were in control, then all you’d have to do is say, “I’m not going to procrastinate anymore,” and you’d never procrastinate again. Of course, it doesn’t work that way, and even the most positive, optimistic person may have lots and lots of limiting beliefs buried deep in their subconscious that will continually prevent them from improving their situation.

The good news is that you can RE-TRAIN your subconscious mind to attract success, wealth, confidence or anything else you may want. Huge amounts of scientific research are constantly being done to learn more about the power of the mind and how it affects our circumstances, and that research has given us some tools that we can use to RE-CREATE a new mindset according to what we want. Time and time again it’s been proven that the people who use these tools are able to create the life that they choose – with exponentially better results than those who do not work on their subconscious.

Here are some of the most effective tools for creating a mindset of SUCCESS:

  1. Goal-setting
  • It has long been known that goal-setting is one of the biggest keys to success. If you want a perfect illustration of this, just Google: “Harvard graduates goal setting study.”
  • The best book I’ve come across for goal-setting is called The Answer by John Assaraf and Murray Smith. Their instructions turn goal-setting into a science and an art.
  1. Affirmations
  • Affirmations are statements written by you, and recited several times per day to reinforce your goals and re-train your subconscious. They’re most effective when they’re spoken aloud, not just in your own head. Speaking them in front of a mirror is also helpful.
  • Below I’ve provided affirmations that were transcribed from a YouTube video about wealth, and I’ve also included some samples that I’ve used myself at various times.
    • Money Affirmations (from YouTube video):
      • I have the mindset of a multi-millionaire
      • I AM a multi-millionaire and I make very large amounts of money
      • I deserve money, success, and a wealthy lifestyle
      • I deserve to be a successful multi-millionaire
      • I am highly driven and I go all-out to achieve my dreams
      • I always take positive action towards my goals
      • I enjoy and always take on challenges
      • I enjoy, and thrive on, taking calculated risks
      • I see opportunities in every challenge and difficult situation
      • I have a millionaire mindset and a life of abundance
      • I am a multi-millionaire.
  • Other Affirmations
    • I am successful, healthy, and happy; I really am successful, healthy, and happy; I truly am successful, healthy, and happy.
    • I expect and accept abundance!
    • Great things are constantly happening to me.
    • A never-ending avalanche of money is now flowing over me.
    • My goal for my income in 2016 is $___________. This is logical to me.
    • I am grateful for everything I have.
    • With the above thoughts expressed and written out, I now begin to achieve my financial, service, and personal goals.

This is just a sampling of potential affirmations. I’d encourage you to write some of your own – they have even more impact if you create them yourself.

  1. “Visioneering” 
  • This is the name for the exercise found in the “Secrets of the Mind” video that MT links to on the Strategy Page. MANY MANY people in this trading room can attest to the fact that doing this exercise twice daily is completely life changing! It’s a way to literally reprogram your subconscious mind for total success. Some notes on the exercise:
    • JUST DO IT! – The exercise may seem strange or unusual to you, but you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You don’t have to fully “believe” in the exercise in order for it to work for you.
    • Do the Visioneering exercise just before sleep for maximum effect. Your subconscious takes over while you’re sleeping and it processes the things you were focused on just before falling asleep.
    • Consistency is key. Watch the full video for the first 7 days, then after that you can do just the Visioneering exercise on your own without watching the video. Do the exercise for 21 straight days (and continue every day after that).
  1. Other tools:
  • EFT Tapping – This is a great system used in some psychology and psychiatry circles using acupressure points to manifest behavioural change. Do a google search on EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • Books – There’s an old phrase that says, “Readers are leaders.” One fantastic book that has been discussed often in this room is The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. One of my personal favourites is called Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, M.D. Another classic is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Start taking in knowledge from these great thinkers and see the improvement in your life!
  • Meditation – There is SO much information out there about the power of meditation… books, audio, workshops, etc. I’d recommend that you incorporate some form of meditation into your daily routine.
  • Gratitude – The expression of thankfulness is more powerful than you can imagine… being grateful for something attracts more of that thing that you’re thankful for! There have been lots of articles written on this subject. Basically, successful people express gratitude while unsuccessful people express entitlement.

I can personally confirm that all of these things WORK because I’ve used all of them and they’ve all helped me improve myself substantially. Relish in the journey, express happiness and gratitude and watch as your life changes! The potential in this trading room is LIMITLESS so make sure that you’re a part of it. Don’t get discouraged by losses, learn from them. Pick yourself up and keep going.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

– Sir Winston Churchill

A million thanks to MT. And thank you to all the members. It’s not the formula that makes this trading room so great, it’s the people. I love you all.


Bobby P