I’ve been asked to write a testimonial on my experience of 
Binary Options Trading Signals ( BOTS ) by MT the master trader and rooms tutor. 
This is something I would have done anyway as I believe in credit where credit is due.
And believe you me, credit is due!
To tell it true I will have to give a brief explanation of how I came to be here.
I’ve been into options trading since the turn of the year ( 2015 ). 
I’ve tried signals groups on Facebook and by text message. Neither worked well. 
I’ve tried a lot of researched video’s on trending – 
I research everything – again my defeats out-weighed my triumph’s. 
I learnt candle patterns and how to read and set up charts with various indicators. 
All to no avail. I was still losing money.
Back to the drawing board, and more research.
I read a review on BOTS and decided to take the gamble. 
I use the word gamble figuratively. There is no gamble. 
This is education! Like being back in a classroom with a teacher stood at your shoulder correcting you when you make a mistake. I trade all the
Hall of Fame strategies ( HOF’s ) and apart from MIMs I stick to the trend. 
I now know what type of trader I am. I know who I am. I am a trend trader. 
And for the first time in my life I look forward to mondays. I know this room, training and MT will make me a millionaire and I praise the day I decided to take the “gamble”. Infact, the only downside I note is the choice of music! 😉
At the time of writing this testimonial I’ve been here three months and for each of the past three weeks have earned five figure’s. I foresee my bucket list changing annually. Long may it continue. 
I’ve tried lots of ways to make money online, lots of course’s where your only a email away from the support desk. ITS BULLSHIT! 
Your 24 to 48 hours away and they dont really care. 
They’ve got your money. “BOTS” is a virtual classroom with a teacher no more than a three second lag away. Someone who enjoys what he’s doing and take’s pride in helping others achieve their personal goals. 
It take’s an extraordinary person to do this when he could quite as easily spend the time trading. 
Anyway, I digress. Looking back I recall being lost at first as most newbie’s will be. The signals can be confusing to start but become clearer the longer your in the room. My advice? 
Do not worry. Do not panic. The traders of the room and MT in particular are here for you. Listen to what MT says. 
Take heed when he anotate’s. Do the homework and practice patience.
Get a demo account and demo, demo and demo some more. I still demo to this day. 
One last thing. If you want to trade the trend then you may want to consider this little trick I use.
Imagine standing on a beach when the tide is coming in. 
The wave brings the sea in, then the surf ebbs back to the ocean to form the next wave which brings the sea further in, and again the surf retreats to form another wave which brings the sea in over your feet. Now imagine the wave is the force of the trend and the ebb back the short term reversal.
This should help you to find your trading style as it did me. 
It also helped me to focus when the flashing lights had me chasing trades.
I hope this testimonial will be of benefit to you. 
It is with a glad heart I write it. I’m glad I came here. 
And glad MT and the other traders of the room enjoy good health and good fortune. 
My thanks to them allways.
Kindest regards